Pulse Oil is committed to providing a workplace that is safe for our employees, contractors and all stakeholders. Health, safety and environmental excellence will always take priority over any of Pulse Oil’s other business objectives.

Pulse Oil’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Program provides the foundation for the consistent implementation of health, safety and environmental standards across all of Pulse Oil’s operations.

The HSE Program, represents a series of interlinking systems, which support a work culture that aims to deliver:
zero injuries — zero environmental incidents — zero non-compliance issues, and continual HSE improvement.

The achievement of excellence in HSE performance requires full commitment from our management, staff and contractors to work within the well-structured HSE program. The HSE Program, is our cornerstone for achieving safe and effective practices across all of our activities and operations. Our HSE platform will be built on the foundations of the applicable government legislation and industry best practices.


  • No business objective will take priority over health and safety
  • All incidents are preventable
  • Training and experience is of great importance
  • While management have ultimate accountability, we all have responsibility for health and safety
  • All personnel have the responsibility to stop any job they believe is unsafe or cannot be continued in a safe manner
  • Maintain and continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System
  • Ensure that health and safety procedures are prioritised in all Operational Plans and that a robust risk management process underpins these procedures
  • Proactively identify hazards and unsafe behaviours and take all steps to manage these to as low as reasonably practicable
  • Set targets for health and safety improvement and measure, appraise and report on our performance against these targets
  • Regularly assess the health and safety performance of employees and contractors
  • Ensure employees and contractors have the training, skills, knowledge and resources to maintain a healthy and safe workplace
  • Accurately report and learn from any health and safety incidents that do occur
  • Support the safe and early return to work of injured employees
  • Design, construct, operate and maintain our assets so that they safeguard people and property
  • Require our contractors to demonstrate the same commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety performance
  • Comply with relevant legislation, codes of practice and industry best standards